Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Deng Xiaoping Interviewed on Taiwan

Note: This joke is normally told in Chinese for best effect.

Deng Xiaoping is giving an interview about Taiwan back in the late 90s.  The interviewer wants to test Mr. Deng's knowledge of Taiwanese politics.
Who is the current president of Taiwan?
Mr. Deng is stumped so he decides to stall
Mr. Deng: 
Deng huir [ Wait a minute]
The interviewer is surprised to hear Mr. Deng say the given name of Lee Teng-hui [] but he decides to continue.
And who should be the next President of Taiwan?
Mr. Deng: 
Sui bian [便; Whoever they want]
The interviewer is totally impressed by Mr. Deng's apparent familiarity with Chen Sui-bian, the man who would indeed become President of Taiwan.

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